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    Jam-it! Studios

    Jam-it! Studios is a small recording studio based in the Netherlands in Rotterdam's city center. Jam-it! Studios offers different services that you will be able to find on this web-site. We record and produce music for film, theater, sporting events and offer back-up vocal services for awesome prices!

    Popschool Jam-it!

    Popschool Jam-it! is a music school in Rotterdam situated inside Jam-it! Studios. Having a music school in a recording studio means that we do a lot of recording during the music lessons as well!


    We strive to stimulate the next generation to develop their skills, try out new things and find their hidden talents. At Jam-Camp! everybody get's to be a part of the making of a film, whether they prefer to work behind the scenes, score the film, write the script or be an actor or stunt-double. 

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    Christiana Bohorquez

    Business Owner

    Originally from the Caribbean and currently living in Holland, this singer/songwriter and entrepreneur is always on the go. Juggling a career as an artist, Christiana trains and races horses, is an ambassador for IJM, owns a music school and recording studio called Jam-it! Studios, and recently launched a successful summer camp for teens called Jam-Camp!

    You may have seen Christiana on The Voice of Holland or on De Beste Singer/Songwriter. She has also appeared on De Wereld Draait Door, De Verandering and has worked with artists such as Marco Borsato and Nick & Simon, and producers such as Henk Pool and Tony Black.



    Nathan Wu


    Nathan is the main producer at Jam-it! Studios as he attends Codarts, Rotterdam's Music Conservatory. Nathan especially focusses on film scoring and huge orchestras though he also has his roots in pop music and EDM.



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