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    We take the stress out of recording background vocals!

  • Our Concept

    We create and We Deliver

    We know the game

    As professional musicians who have been working in the music industry for years, we know how much time, effort, money and stress is put into each recorded single or album. Studios, producers and musicians all have price-tags, so when your track is almost ready for the final mix down, the final touches (if done professionally) could suddenly add up to over a thousand dollars.

    We make it easier and more affordable

    Vocals by Jam-it! makes beautiful vocal arrangements for your track and books professional singers to record them in one of our own studios. All you have to do is send us a recording of your song and within days you will receive the recorded vocal tracks!

    How it works

    1. Choose a singer/composer from our library
    2. Upload your track
    3. We will send a full quality recording to you within 5 days or within 2-3 days if you choose to speed up the process
    4. You get one FREE revision and extra revisions for $27 each
  • Hear our work

    This work was done by one of our singers. We are working on expanding our demo library and will be adding audio examples from our different professional studio vocalists shortly!

  • Packages & Pricing

    We let the results speak for themselves.

    Back-up vocals

    Lead vocal [$249]

    One of our singers will sing the lead vocal to your track


    Package 1: Single harmony over lead vocal [$149]

    We will add a single or doubled soprano, alto or tenor parallel harmony to your song


    Package 2: Two or three part harmony over lead vocal [$199]

    We will add a single or doubled two or three part parallel harmony to your song

    Package 3: Choir vocals over lead [$249]

    We will add an 8-16 voice choir with a three or four part harmony to your song


    Package 4: Choir over instrumental track [$499]

    We will add an 8-16 voice choir with an original harmony to your track

    Looking for something different?

    Send your demo to info@jamitstudios.us and tell us exactly what you have in mind for your song. We will make you a great offer and deliver the first version of the vocals in no time!

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